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Terms and Conditions

Please take the time to read these T&Cs below as the use of Best-Affiliates.com constitutes your consent to the T&Cs without any reservation or limitation. The T&Cs herein define the relationship between Best Affiliates and the individual visiting and/or viewing and/or making use in any other way of Best-Affiliates.com or the information contained herein (the “User“).

Best-Affiliates.com including all the information that appears on its site(s) is offered to anyone “as-is”. While Best Affiliates intends that all the information in Best-Affiliates.com will be precise and accurate, there is a chance that the information might be incomplete or not up-to-date and alternatively there is a possibility that technical or other errors had occurred. Best Affiliates cannot be held responsible for any oversights, errors, and lack of updates or imprecision of the information presented. Best Affiliates hereby claims that the information contained in Best-Affiliates.com is for general and informative purposes only and is not a recommendation and/or any opinion and/or any offer to purchase any product or providing any other service of Best Affiliates, and therefore the User is aware of and agrees that any dependence on figures, declarations, opinions, advice or any other information presented in Best-Affiliates.com is done according to the User’s discretion and under his own responsibility. There is a possibility that part of the information originates in 3rd parties; it is hereby understood that Best Affiliates is not responsible for this kind of information and Best Affiliates does not guarantee the accuracy of this information. In the event of inconsistency and/or contradiction between the information in Best-Affiliates.com and the information existing in Best Affiliates’ existing documents, including information reported by Best Affiliates’ employees, whether in writing or verbally, the information at Best Affiliates’ offices, in its official documents or information reported by Best Affiliates’ authorized employees shall be deemed as true.

Copyright Content and User Privacy
Best-Affiliates.com and the content contained therein including Best-Affiliates.com design, diagrams, drawings, illustrations, photographs, pictures, text, graphics etc. (“Data“) are all protected by the copyright laws of the Marshall Islands and Belize, international treaties and copyright laws in other countries. The data is the property of Best Affiliates or 3rd parties that allowed Best Affiliates to publish the copyright information in Best-Affiliates.com. The User cannot change, copy, publish, distribute, broadcast, present, photocopy, fax, grant a license, produce copied works or sell any part of the data contained in Best-Affiliates.com without the explicit and written consent of Best Affiliates provided beforehand. The User acknowledges the existing copyrights in the data and undertakes not to make any commercial use of the data or use of the instructions of copyright laws and international treaties or change or alter the data or any part thereof.
Best-Affiliates.com’s Privacy Policy available separately on the site constitutes an integral part of these T&Cs. By using Best-Affiliates.com and its services, the User acknowledges his acceptance of the T&Cs.

Links To and From Other Sources
Best-Affiliates.com may include links to Internet sites that are not operated by Best Affiliates. These links are intended for the User’s accessibility only and Best Affiliates has no control over these Internet sites and is not responsible for the content contained in these sites. The inclusion of links to other sites does not confirm the support of the content of these sites or any other connection to these sites or their operators. Best Affiliates is not responsible for the proper work or functionality of the links or that the links lead to sites with the assistance of any electronic pointer to the link. Best Affiliates is entitled at its own discretion to remove any link from Best-Affiliates.com and/or add additional links from time to time.

User’s Commitments
The User hereby undertakes to make use of Best-Affiliates.com in good faith and in accordance with the provisions of these T&Cs. Without derogating from the aforesaid, use of Best Affiliates will be made according to any law and Best Affiliates’ instructions and/or its representatives and/or employees and the User hereby states and undertakes that as the User enters Best-Affiliates.com the User will refrain from harming Best Affiliates and/or any other 3rd parties by using Best-Affiliates.com. Entering and using Best-Affiliates.com and performing activities in Best-Affiliates.com attest to the User’s consent and his obligation to act and/or refrain from acting in the following manner:
1. By entering Best-Affiliates.com the User hereby agrees to all of the provisions of the T&Cs above and hereunder.
2. The User agrees not to upload, retrieve, transmit, distribute or publish information or any other material that might limit or prevent others from using Best-Affiliates.com.
3. The User agrees not to make commercial use of the Information. The right to use the data is granted to the personal and private use of the User. The data should not be used for commercial purposes or generating profit and the User is not permitted to allow use to any other 3rd parties whether for consideration or for no consideration. It is hereby clarified that no use should be made of the data published in Best-Affiliates.com for the purpose of presenting it on the Internet and/or any other kind of service without receiving Best Affiliates’ consent in writing and beforehand and subject to the terms of consent as said to the extent that such consent is given. The User agrees not to store data using different kinds of software or distribute information published in Best-Affiliates.com in public in a commercial manner or commercial venue or for any other purpose. Best-Affiliates.com should not be presented with a different design or graphic interface than the ones set out by Best Affiliates; such presentation is subject to Best Affiliates’ consent in writing and in advance and Best-Affiliates.com should not be presented in a manner that diminishes in any way the content contained thereof.
4. The User agrees not to upload, retrieve, transmit, distribute or publish any information or other materials that may encourage, endorse, motivate or assist other persons to commit illegitimate acts or such that may lead to illegal liability.
5. The User agrees not to upload, retrieve, transmit, distribute or publish information or any other material including a virus or any other software that might harm computer systems.
6. The User agrees not to upload, retrieve, transmit, distribute or publish information or any other material that may breach another person’s or entity property rights including intellectual property rights, breach of privacy rights and/or any other property right.
7. The User agrees not to upload, retrieve, transmit, distribute or publish information or any other material including any kind of advertisement without Best Affiliates’ explicit permission.
8. The User agrees not to upload, retrieve, transmit, distribute or publish information or any other material whose publication or use is not permitted being of a threatening, harmful, insulting, libelous, defamatory, slanderous, racist or pornographic nature or any other vulgar form of expression.
9. The User agrees not to make any changes and/or interfere in any manner in the source code of Best-Affiliates.com and/or the data and not to upload software and/or any other applications that might harm or cause damage to Best Affiliates and/or any other 3rd parties.
10. The User is aware of the limitations of the Internet regarding information security on the net and the User exempts Best Affiliates from any responsibility regarding this matter.
11. The User agrees not to make use of Best-Affiliates.com in a manner that does not comply with any law and/or is not agreed or that constitutes counterfeit, change or erasure of information.
12. The User hereby agrees to indemnify and compensate Best Affiliates for any damage, direct or indirect and/or any other expense Best Affiliates incurs regarding a claim/demand originating from the execution of these T&Cs.
13. The User agrees that, without prejudice to any other right of Best Affiliates, in cases in which Best Affiliates deems that the User’s use of Best-Affiliates.com does not conform with the instructions of these T&Cs and/or any other law, Best Affiliates shall have the right to track the User’s use of the Website, to prevent the User from accessing Best-Affiliates.com and/or transfer the User’s history of use of Best-Affiliates.com to 3rd parties as well as any other activity that Best Affiliates deems appropriate to take in order to protect its property and/or rights.

The data and the services contained in Best-Affiliates.com are provided “as-is” and the User agrees and approves that Best Affiliates, including its representatives, employees, directors, managers, shareholders and/or agents cannot be held accountable or liable for any damage (direct or indirect) caused to the User and/or any other 3rd party in relation to the use made by the User (whether directly or indirectly) of the data or the User’s reliance upon such data.
The User is solely responsible for using Best-Affiliates.com. Best Affiliates does not bear any responsibility or accountability in relation to any fault, error or oversight of Best-Affiliates.com and/or Best-Affiliates.com content. Best Affiliates shall not be held responsible for any damage, direct or indirect, consequential or incidental due to access to Best-Affiliates.com or its use or due to any interruption from accessing or using Best-Affiliates.com. Best Affiliates is not responsible for any damage to the User’s computer equipment or any equipment of the User, including damage caused by computer viruses, worms or software applications caused by visiting or using Best-Affiliates.com and including damage caused by downloading information from Best-Affiliates.com.
It is hereby clarified that Best Affiliates and/or any other information providers on its behalf including its employees and/or representatives and/or agents and/or directors will not and is not responsible in any manner to conforming Best-Affiliates.com including the data to the purposes and/or needs of the User.
Best Affiliates does not undertake that Best-Affiliates.com shall be available at all times and that Best-Affiliates.com’s operation and/or completeness will not be delayed and/or be carried out successively and/or without failures, defects, errors or faults. Best Affiliates shall not be held responsible for the abovementioned interferences as said and it shall not be held responsible for inconsistencies to the User regarding the quality, origin, nature and extent of the data (including the method of its delivery), direct or indirect loss or direct or consequential or other damages caused to the User or any other 3rd party in relation to the interferences mentioned above or in relation to ceasing certain services in Best-Affiliates.com for whatever reason.
Best Affiliates shall not bear accountability for the disclosure of details provided by the User to Best-Affiliates.com in the event of an unauthorized breach to Best-Affiliates.com computer systems.

Termination of Best-Affiliates.com Activities
Best Affiliates is entitled at all times to terminate the operation of Best-Affiliates.com whether for a defined period of time or whether indefinitely without prior notice and without receiving the User’s consent to do so.

Best Affiliates reserves the right to remove, alter, add or amend any part of the data contained in Best-Affiliates.com by updating Best-Affiliates.com from time to time. The User shall have no claim towards Best Affiliates due to changes in the data or information in Best-Affiliates.com. Best Affiliates reserves the right to refuse to grant access to Best Affiliates or its site(s) or any part thereof to any User according to its sole discretion and without prior notice.
Best Affiliates reserves the right to alter, add or amend these T&Cs by updating this section from time to time. Every change made in the T&Cs will take effect immediately upon its publication in Best-Affiliates.com within the context of the T&Cs.
Best Affiliates is entitled to assign its rights in accordance with these T&Cs to any 3rd party as it sees fit and without obligation on its behalf to publish the act of assignment, as said, in Best-Affiliates.com.
The User agrees that any communication to or from Best-Affiliates.com do not form any attachment between himself and Best Affiliates or do not form any relationships between the User and Best Affiliates that exceed the ones specified in the T&Cs.
The activity in Best Affiliates and any legal cause originating from the use of Best-Affiliates.com including their validity and interpretation of the T&Cs are subject to the law in the Marshall Islands and Belize only and the sole jurisdiction regarding any conflict regarding Best Affiliates and its use shall be the competent courts in Majuro.

In the event that any part of the T&Cs is not enforceable or invalid then the clauses whose effectiveness was invalidated or it was decided that they were not enforceable shall be deemed to be replaced by enforceable and valid clauses whose content matches, with the utmost level of suitability, the intention of the original clauses and the remaining clauses of the T&Cs shall remain in effect.